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supply sources | part 2

in the last post, i focused on the yarns i’ve been using. this time, let’s get in to the looms. my boyfriend likes to refer to weaving as “looming,” so clearly, they’re important.

i mentioned that my first loom was a lap loom from maryanne moodie’s etsy shop. still totally love it. still use it all the time. i will say, it’s probably best to use in the comfort of your own home as the first time i attempted to travel with it, i broke off two of the teeth. whoopsies.

the next loom i purchased was “the bullfrog” from lost pond looms on etsy. this loom is a large table top loom with a width of 24 inches and adjustable length ranging from 24 to 38 (!!!) inches. i’m working on my first large weaving now and i believe it will come in around 24 inches wide and about 30 inches long. there’s so much room to play! it’s also ideal to show off some roving and chunkier knits in your weaves.  plus craig, the woodworker behind lost pond looms, is great. he ships quickly and is very communicative.


the bullfrog from lost pond looms

my newest addition is another loom from lost pond looms, “the peeper.” it’s incredibly similar to my other lap loom but i also ordered a rotating heddle for this bad boy. i’ve been able to increase my speed with this tool and start to build a bit of a stock list. i originally discovered rotating heddles while checking out meghan shimek’s site. she does absolutely stunning, large-scale pieces that focus on texture and she uses pounds upon pounds of beautiful roving. she featured a large loom with a rotating heddle in her shop which was unfortunately sold out at the time i was in the market for one. luckily, meghan had listed lost pond looms as a resource on her site and i’m so glad she did.

if you don’t want to make a big investment in a loom and want to take a shot at no-commitment shot at weaving – make your own frame! pinterest is ripe with tutorials but here are a few favorites:

hello hydrangea | DIY weaving loom from picture frame

honestly wtf | DIY woven wall hanging

happy looming!

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