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supply sources | part one

when i first decided to try my hand at weaving, i was smitten (and still am!) with everything maryanne moodie. she’s selling lap looms? awesome. i’ll buy one. getting started, i was afraid that the first few weavings i’d make were monstrosities so i held onto the beautiful yarn included in my kit for a bit. i didn’t want to incorporate them into something no one in their right mind would hang in their hallway. my first few weaves were all created using inexpensive, easily accessible yarn from michaels. my first attempts were far from perfect but they definitely weren’t the freakish pieces of fiber art i was afraid of creating. even while learning and using inexpensive supplies, you can achieve beautiful results. a few weavings, in i decided to step up my game and pick up some higher quality products. here are a few of my favorites:

hands down my favorite yarn to work with comes from minnehaha fiber works. their yarns are primarily focused on wool (BEAUTIFUL wool) and they use only natural and environmentally-friendly dying techniques. i mean, both heidi and pamela, the co-owners of minnehaha fiber works, have dye gardens. that’s pretty rad. female owned? check. local? check. amazing quality? check. i feel awesome supporting them? check. i can’t recommend their products enough.


pamela’s garden fresh indigo | minnehaha fiber works

i’m also in love with the yarn i’ve purchased from quince & co. they source as much fiber as they can from within the US and value sustainability and stand against fast fashion garments and the companies that produce them. plus, all of their yarns are adorably named after birds. i’m particularly fond of the puffin, a chunky/bulky weight 100% american wool yarn.


quince & co. yarn

knit picks is great, too. their range of colors is pretty astounding. so. much. variety. one of my favorite products they offer are the roving sampler packs. roving is a great way to add instant texture to your weaving.


i’ve also sourced some vintage yarns from ebay. i’ve found tons of great, naturally colored yarn cones that are my go-tos for fringe. also, some of the sellers are adorable. etsy is also a fantastic resource. one seller i received particularly fantastic service from was saori santa cruz. i bought a great black warp yarn and on top of shipping super fast, she included a sweet note and fresh cut bay leaves. it’s all in the little details.

check out my “supply sources | part two” for great spots to source looms!

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